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Fox News: Hey GOP, to Win in 2016 Fix Your Fundamental Brand Flaw

Originally published on Fox News by Maggie Gallagher Reince Priebus recently sat down with Politico to review progress since the release of the RNC’s “autopsy” on the 2012 election one year ago: “We have ‘the … [Read More...]

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Latino Partnership

Forbes: Should Puerto Rico Consider Joining the Russian Republic?

By Ralph Benko, Originally published in Forbes.com Should Puerto Rico explore following Crimea into the Russian Republic? Puerto Rico’s biggest problem in dealing with Washington is of the same nature as that … [Read More...]

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APIA Education

Breitbart: Murky Political Process for GA Common Core

Breitbart covers the fight over Common Core in Georgia: Common Core opponents are playing a rearguard action, not just in Georgia, but all across the nation because supporters of the standards stole a march on … [Read More...]

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Social Issues

Maggie Gallagher Radio Interview on Marriage

Maggie Gallagher went on Ave Maria Radio's 'Kresta in the Afternoon' to discuss what's next for the marriage movement.  You can listen to the full segment here. … [Read More...]

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