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New York Sun: A Mystery Issue Eludes Candidates of the GOP Despite Weak Recovery

We wanted to refer you to this piece by Ira Stoll over at NewsMax.  Stoll cites our upcoming Jackson Hole Economic Summit on August 27-29, 2015. An excerpt: Hillary Clinton has tackled college costs and … [Read More...]

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Latino Partnership

Alfonso Aguilar on C-SPAN

Latino Partnership Director Alfonso Aguilar talks about the role of immigration in the 2016 race. … [Read More...]

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APIA Education

Bush, Kasich get F grades on Common Core – The Hill

Jeb Bush and John Kasich get failing grades on Common Core, while Rand Paul and Ted Cruz are the only Republicans running for president to escape blame on the thorny education issue, according to a new analysis from … [Read More...]

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Social Issues

Conservative Strategy in the 2016 Campaign Race – EWTN

APIA President Frank Cannon talks about Donald Trump's conservative record and what candidates can do to break out of a crowded GOP field. … [Read More...]

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