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Gold Standard Insures the Dollar has More Buying Power – Steve Lonegan, Star-Ledger

Gov. Jim Florio’s “A Proposed Return to the Gold Standard is Cause for Concern” contains a certain irony: Mr. Florio's embrace of the most important decision made about our money in our lifetime made by President … [Read More...]

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Latino Partnership

Votemos para Ponerle Fin al Status Quo – Alfonso Aguilar

No pocos votantes latinos se están inclinando a no votar en las próximas elecciones de mitad de término porque no están satisfechos con las alternativas que tienen. Están cansados con los Demócratas ya que, a … [Read More...]

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APIA Education

Push for Common Core Part of Larger Effort to Gather Student Data – Jane Robbins

With the call for increasing technology in classrooms rising to an undeniable height, many have asked, “Where are we going from here?” Attorney and senior fellow with the American Principles Project, Jane … [Read More...]

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Social Issues

Newsmax: Maggie Gallagher on Mike Huckabee Threat to Leave GOP

Matt Towery, a GOP pollster and debate expert, said that Huckabee potentially bolting from the party would "be a huge issue for Republicans." "They can ill-afford a very credible conservative leader shearing away … [Read More...]

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