Action Needed: HB 2289 Kansas Anti-Common Core Bill


2nd Update: There will be a hearing TOMORROW (March 21st) at 12:00 PM Room 112-N of the Kansas State Capitol.

Update: Ok, evidently the HB 2289 is now back in the Education Committee.  I’m not sure what that means.

Here are the members of the education committee.

Original: I was emailed by a reader in Kansas about the status of the anti-Common Core bill currently active in the Kansas Legislature.  HB 2289 has been moved from the Kansas House Education Committee to the House Committee on Appropriations.  According to one of the bill’s sponsor, State Representative John Bradford (R-Lansing) they were up against calendar deadlines for introducing legislation and this was a way to keep the bill moving forward.

I was told that they may be discussing and voting on this by the end of the week, so it is important that Kansans are heard.  Here is the list of members of the committee.

Deborah Sudbeck
Deborah Sudbeck

We want this bill adopted. There is no way a common curriculum in the country benefits rural Kansans. I live here and raise children here for a reason. I want my children to be adults before they are exposed to the lunacy of the left and right coast. We are not common in Kansas. We can steer our own ship. We don't need what other states have in store for us. I like that my daughter had hunter safety classes as part of her USD 115 gym class. Do you think they allow that in a common curriculum? Think again. This plan is disastrous. I definitely want this bill passed.

Teresa Selensky
Teresa Selensky

I have been trying to learn as much as I can about Common Core due to concerns I've had about my 3rd grade son's Math curriculum. AFter doing more research, my concerns go beyond the curriculum and deeper into the data collection and loss of parental and state's rights that appear to be a large part of Common Core. Will you please update me on what is taking place in the Legislature. I have three small children, am working part-time, am teaching CCD in our church and have found it very difficult to follow the Kansas website on the status of HB2289. It would be so nice to be able to read my email and then know what my next step should be. Thank you so much for you work, Teresa Selensky