Even The Poorest of the Poor in India Would Rather Pay for School

Michelle Kaffenberger at Heritage points out that parents in the slums of India’s cities would rather save money to send their children to private school than send their children to the free public schools because they don’t learn very much.  She writes:

A recent Economist article states that between a quarter and a third of school children in India attend private schools. In India’s cities, experts estimate as many as 85 percent of children attend private schools. According to another report, 73 percent of families in Hyderabad’s slum areas send their children to private schools.

Additionally, private school enrollment has been rising in most of the country, even as public education was legally required to become free and more accessible. Much of the growth is coming from low-cost private schools that cater to poor families and charge tuition as low as $1 per month.

So if the government is providing free education for all children, why are so many poor parents spending their limited income on schooling?

These parents realize something that governments are hesitant to admit: Their children don’t actually learn much in the public schools.

Read the rest.  School choice is seems to be a universal solution to the problem of poor public schools.

HT: Joe Carter