Working Americans across the country are struggling. We believe poor monetary policy is largely responsible. Wages are stagnant. The cost of living is rising and the value of the dollar is eroding, injuring the dignity and economic security of American workers with it. We believe action is needed to restore job creation, economic mobility, and the American dream.

We demand:

  • Accountability of the Federal Reserve through a full audit by the Government Accountability Office.
  • A national monetary commission to explore the track record of alternate monetary policy regimes on our economy and empirically evaluate which options would best serve working Americans by preserving the value of the dollar.
  • A renewed understanding and appreciation of the classical gold standard’s track record of supporting a rising standard of living, fostering job creation and economic mobility, and promoting equitable prosperity.

Conservative Action Group to Lead Meeting with Yellen Today

MEDIA AVAILABILITY TO FOLLOW MEETING   Washington, D.C. – Following her meeting with a far-left group late last year, Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen has accepted a meeting with American Principles in Action and a coalition of center-right, free-market thinkers and activists. The … [Read more...]

Conservative Action Group to Lead Meeting with Fed Reserve Chair Janet Yellen This Friday

Washington, D.C. – Following her meeting with a far-left group late last year, Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen has accepted a meeting with American Principles in Action and a coalition of center-right, free-market thinkers and activists. The coalition is led by Steve Lonegan, APIA’s Director … [Read more...]

Monetary Politics: The Biggest Money Player In Politics Is The Fed

By Ralph Benko at 'Washington finally shows signs of coming to grips with the importance of money to politics. This is not about mere campaign finance. Last week there was a breakthrough in bringing the money policy issue out of the shadows and to center stage … where it … [Read more...]

American Principles Reacts to SOTU on Education, Cuba, Immigration, Puerto Rico and the Economy

WASHINGTON, D.C. – American Principles in Action released several statements tonight in response to President Obama’s seventh State of the Union address. Following the conclusion of President Obama’s remarks, Frank Cannon, President of APIA, said: “Right now, more than anything, working Americans … [Read more...]

Steve Lonegan on Wall Street, Jeb Bush, Fed Meetings – Newsmax

Though former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush has a “major fundraising base” if he decides to seek the White House in 2016, he will still have to face potential donors who want to hear more about where he stands on the issues before making a financial commitment, according to Steve Lonegan, American … [Read more...]

Federal Reserve “Failed…at a Time of Turbulence”, Says Conservative Monetary Policy Director

WASHINGTON, D.C. – American Principles in Action’s Director of Monetary Policy, Steve Lonegan, released the following statement regarding the Federal Reserve’s inaction today following its Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting: “Today the Federal Reserve failed to take any definitive steps … [Read more...]

Daily Signal: “Conservatives Cannot Sit Back” from Federal Reserve Policy

Federal Reserve chairwoman Janet Yellen met with several left-leaning groups last month to discuss monetary policy. Now, several conservative organizations are asking for the same opportunity. Twenty representatives from more than a dozen conservative groups hand-delivered their request to the … [Read more...]

Lonegan Discusses Budget Battle

Steve Lonegan, our director of monetary policy, was on News Radio 1110 AM KFAB in Omaha, NE discussing the budget battles going on in DC. You can listen in below. … [Read more...]

Janet Yellen Has Been Keeping Some Strange Company Recently – Steve Lonegan, The Daily Caller

The Federal Reserve insists that its policies are non-partisan. However, to maintain that image the Fed, like Caesar’s wife, must be above suspicion. Unfortunately, major public appearances by Fed Chair Janet Yellen since her term began raise doubts about the tilt of Fed policy. In her first … [Read more...]

Bloomberg: Conservatives Ask Fed for Access to ‘Yellen’s Promise Factory’

Conservative activists are pushing Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen to grant them the same access that they say she gave liberal organizations last month. Yellen should keep the central bank non-partisan and “show the country she is willing to listen to all sides,” Steve Lonegan of American … [Read more...]