Gold is Money

Money with independent value is a crucial component of a free society and a free market. Gold has proved, throughout history, to be the ideal monetary commodity because it is universally valuable and has a steady supply growth. The classical gold standard produced the highest levels of long-term price stability and economic growth of all U.S. monetary systems. The current paper dollar standard has caused financial disorder and kept the American economy from reaching its potential.

We promote gold-backed monetary reform at the national and state levels, and work to educate lawmakers and policymakers about the need for such reform. We communicate these themes through the mainstream media, and engage activists and voters on this issue. We championed a presidential commission on gold, before it was included in the Republican primary contest. We have led the movement to use states’ constitutional legal tender power to monetize gold, and have reached mass audiences though commercials and town halls across the nation.

Pensions Project

State and local governments are feeling the pressure of a combined $4.4 trillion in unfunded retirement liabilities. Unless bold reform takes shape, they will be left to raise taxes and cut public services, in order to fund pension payouts. We believe pension reform should be grounded in three principles: truth, equality, and fiscal federalism. This means that government disclosure of pension debt should be truthful, retirement compensation for public and private-sector workers should be in line, and that the states and localities, rather than the federal government, should dictate pension reform.

We are unique in advocating these principles in the public pension debate. We promote these principles through model legislation, media, and public engagement.

State Legal Tender

State Legal Tender was created to foster discussion about the ability of states to use hard money. At a time when citizens are becoming increasingly frustrated about the dollar’s loss of purchasing power, enabling them to use gold and silver coins as currency is a first step toward fixing our dysfunctional monetary system.

APIA Criticizes Fed’s Political Meetings With Labor Groups – New York Times

A conservative group, American Principles in Action, criticized the meeting as “highly political” and inappropriate. It said it would seek a similar meeting to share its view that the Fed’s stimulus campaign is damaging the economy. The labor and community groups at the meeting wore green T-shirts … [Read more...]

Lonegan Discusses Yellen Partisan Activity on Caffeinated Thoughts Radio

Steve Lonegan was on Caffeinated Thoughts Radio heard on The Truth Network, 99.3 FM in the Des Moines/Ames, IA market on Saturday.  He discussed Fed Chair Janet Yellen's meeting with liberal groups on Friday with co-hosts Shane Vander Hart and Brian Myers (the show was recorded on Friday morning). … [Read more...]

Fed Chair Yellen to Meet with Liberal Interest Groups

Fed Chair Yellen to Meet with Liberal Interest Groups American Principles in Action Says Yellen’s Meeting is “Deeply Concerning” WASHINGTON, D.C. – In reaction to a surprise announcement that Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen will meet with representatives of liberal interest groups today, … [Read more...]

Obama Policies Can’t Get Job Numbers “Out of Rut”

American Principles in Action Comments on This Month’s Jobs Report WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today’s Labor Department report touted a gain of 214,000 jobs in October and an unemployment rate that dropped to 5.8 percent. While this is welcomed news, the new numbers are not necessarily reason to rejoice, … [Read more...]

Gold Standard Insures the Dollar has More Buying Power – Steve Lonegan, Star-Ledger

Gov. Jim Florio’s “A Proposed Return to the Gold Standard is Cause for Concern” contains a certain irony: Mr. Florio's embrace of the most important decision made about our money in our lifetime made by President Richard Nixon, who left office under a severe cloud. The facts are clear. During the … [Read more...]

APIA Hails Senator Ted Cruz’s Proposal to Audit the Federal Reserve

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Earlier this week, Senator Ted Cruz laid out what he sees as the top priorities for Republicans in 2015 in a piece for USA Today. American Principles in Action’s Director of Monetary Policy and ‘Fix the Dollar’ project, Steve Lonegan, hailed his proposal to audit the Federal … [Read more...]

Fix the Dollar Is Headed to South Carolina

Steve Lonegan, our director of monetary policy, is headed to the Palmetto State in November.  Here are some of his events. Saturday, Nov. 15 SC Association of Taxpayers Monday, Nov. 17 Columbia Rotary Club Palmetto House Republican Women Tuesday, Nov. 18 Myrtle Beach Tea Party Wednesday, … [Read more...]

Steve Lonegan Discusses Fix the Dollar on Iowa Radio

Steve Lonegan, our director of monetary policy, was in Iowa last week touting our Fix the Dollar project and he made several radio appearances.  On Monday, 9/22/14 he was on Jan Mickelson's show on WHO Radio 1040 AM who is based in Des Moines.  You can listen to that clip below.   On … [Read more...]


Media coverage of Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen’s speech ignores the continuing predicament of the middle income American. Sure, those with highly leveraged portfolios or a large pile of retirement assets might care, but that’s not the median income worker. For conversation sake let’s call … [Read more...]

Opinion: There ain’t no such thing as a free market

Steve Lonegan in MarketWatch Well-meaning conservative and libertarian groups beat the drum for something called “free markets.” Liberal groups blame these “free markets” for many of the world’s evils. Here’s the harsh reality neither side will tell you. There ain’t no such thing as a “free … [Read more...]