What Social Truce Among Conservatives?

imagePOLITICO had an interesting article by Alexander Burns entitled “Right grapples with social ‘truce.’”  He writes, “Social conservative leaders in the Republican Party are coming to grips with a new reality ahead of the 2012 presidential primary: It’s not all about them.”

Mr. Burns, with all due respect, most social conservatives have never thought it was all about them.  In fact I have yet to meet a social conservative who isn’t concerned about fiscal issues.  However we understand that social issues impact fiscal issues.  We also understand that while the economy may drive the 2012 elections, we want a candidate who is not squishy on social issues.  Now I have met fiscal conservatives and social moderates who do believe and have always believed it was all about them.

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels comment that we need “a truce” on social issues was tragic.  Many interpret that to mean surrender and/or apathetic neglect.  That isn’t acceptable, but leading with the economy (as well as energy policy with $5.00/gallon gas prices looming) is palatable.  We feel the pinch as well.

So there is no truce.  While we expect economy to be the focus candidates who believe they can write off social issues will not get a pass.  We want a Reagan conservative, not a milquetoast.

Alan R. Weiss
Alan R. Weiss

With all due respects to my compatriots on the Right, no. No, we don't. We want you to return to REAL conservatism - the kind that led Barry Goldwater to realize that anyone LGBT who wants to pick up an M-16 and join the military, well, then fine. The kind that led Ronald Reagan to have many gay friends in Hollywood (Rock Hudson). We want LIBERTY for all - not just those the hypocritical Christian Right deem worthy. Real Christians do not judge. Jesus hung around lepers, ladies of questionable morals, and had dialogues with Samaritan Women! If you do not start owning up to what Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness means, why, you're no better than a - than a - than a DEMOCRAT! You're just choosing a different type of government intervention. Lets look to Rep. Ron Paul for some leadership and guidance on these issues, shall we? Lets realize that LGBT people are *born* that way, folks, and they deserve the same rights as anyone else. Lets realize that the focus should be on saving the Constitution, not restricting people's liberty. Cordially, Alan R. Weiss Austin, Texas P.S: Loved your work in Utah on gold/silver standard! How about bringing it to Texas!